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Dedicated Server Comparison

​Product, links to configuration page​Memory​​CPU​Disk​SSD​Power Supplies​Bandwidth​Network Port Speed​Internet Connection​IP Addresses

Bronze Dedicated Server

​16GB​4 Core​4 x 1TB​-​Two
​Unlimited​Gbit​100 Mbit​16

Silver Dedicated Server

​128GB​2 x 4 Core​​4 x 1TB-​Two​​Unlimited​Gbit​​100 Mbit​32

Gold Dedicated Server

​256GB​2 x 6 Core​​4 x 1TB​-​Two​​Unlimited​Gbit​300 Mbit​128

Bronze Dedicated Server +SSD

​16GB​4 Core​-​4 x 1TB​TwoUnlimited
​​Gbit​​100 Mbit​​16

Silver Dedicated Server +SSD

128GB​​2 x 4 Core​-​4 x 1TB​Two​Unlimited​​Gbit​​100 Mbit​​32

Gold Dedicated Server +SSD

​​256GB​​2 x 6 Core​-​4 x 1TB​Two​Unlimited​​Gbit​300 Mbit​​128
​Bronze Dedicated Storage Server​16GB​TBC​8 x 3TB​-​​Two​Unlimited​​Gbit​​100 Mbit​​16
​Silver Dedicated Storage Server​128GB​TBC​8 x 3TB​-​​Two​Unlimited​​Gbit​​100 Mbit16
​Gold Dedicated Storage Server​​​256GB​TBC​8 x 3TB​-​​Two​Unlimited​​Gbit​300 Mbit16

Specifications shown are the maximum for each server​

Dedicated Servers, Giving You Full Control

If you want access to your own physical server, have full control and have confidence that computing power will be there when you need it most, a High Availability Hosting dedicated server is the answer. We have a range of server specifications to suit everyones computing and price requirements. All servers are based in our Sheffield Data Centre and maintained by our own experienced staff.

Simple and Affordable

Dedicated servers offer a simple and affordable method of gaining the computing power you require. The cost of colocation, server hardware and basic support are combined into a single monthly payment. Using this method server hardware is no longer a capital expenditure but an operational one. This means you can invest in the areas of your business that need it most. Just choose the server to suit you.

Server Hardware

Our latest dedicated servers are all HP DL360's or DL380's - the worlds best selling server*.
Powered by Intel processors to ensure the highest performance and reliability for your applications. All memory is either DDR3 or DDR4 and has ECC. Disk options include RAID for resilience and SSD's for the highest performance. Hardware is standardised and many parts are hot-swappable. All this means that your server will be more reliable.

Remote Management

All of our dedicated servers can be accessed Out of Band (OOB - away from the Operating System) via the optional HP iLO. This means you can remotely diagnose server problems, configure networking, view blue screens or kernel panics, and reboot servers remotely.

The HP iLO is available as an option on all our HP dedicated servers

Control Panels

You have the option of selecting from a range of control panels to enable you to easily manage your server, including:

Having the right control panel saves you time. You can even run your own Cloud Services - all our HP dedicated servers support either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi.


A server you cannot access doesn't help anyone so we include a level of support to ensure basic services are available, including:

We offer more comprehensive support agreements to cover all requirements, as well as a full range of data backup options.