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​How to setup inbound email for Hosted Exchange

Please note - this information is aimed at Administrators and a technically-savvy audience. 
If you require any assistance setting up Hosted Exchange, please 
contact us.

To use our Hosted Exchange, you need to make two changes to your Domain Name's DNS settings:

We will contact you when it's time to change these settings after you sign up.

If you need help changing your DNS or MX records, contact your Domain Name or web hosting provider.

Download Microsoft Outlook for PC 2010 or Outlook for Mac 2011

Contact or call 0114 228 0022 if you have any problems!

Outlook Mobile Access

If you're setting up your email on a mobile phone, the following settings will be useful to you:
Secure (or SSL) connectionYes
Usernameyour email address
Passwordyour password
DomainNone / blank / n/a

If you're having trouble setting up your device, log a support ticket by emailing