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Number Ports on Hold Due to COVID-19

Number Ports on Hold Due to COVID-19

Hi Everyone, here is another quick update – this time on number porting.


Due to COVID-19, it appears BT (Openreach) have shut there porting desk in India without informing suppliers – Annoying we know! As you can imagine this will have a knock-on effect of the majority of UK and will result in number ports failing.

So in order to prevent unnecessary charges being applied and waste people’s time we will be queueing all new and existing port requests until further notice.

We will update you further as we are informed of any changes and apologies for the delay in this service.


If you have any questions about how this might affect you, please contact our support team.

[email protected]

0114 228 0022


Thanks for your understanding.

The HA Hosting Team


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