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HA Silver Dedicated Server

If you need the power of your own physical server, need to have full control and have confidence that computing power will be there when you need it most, a HA Silver Dedicated Server is the answer. We have a range of server specifications to suit all computing and price requirements. The Silver Servers are our mid range offering of dedicated servers. All servers are based in our Sheffield Data Centre and maintained by our own experienced staff.

Dedicated Servers combine the cost of

  • Colocation
  • Hardware Ownership
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • into a single monthly rental payment.

    Our dedicated servers have great performance and reliability because we don’t cut corners. We start with a HP server with dual power supplies, Western Digital Red Disks, HP or Samsung Memory. Nobody likes unreliable servers, especially the guys who have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to fixed them. We do everything we can to build reliable servers in the first place.

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    • Reliability & Uptime

      What makes HA Hosting’s dedicated servers different?


      • HP Server
      • Dual Power Supplies
      • iLO access for hard reboots
      • Western Digital Disks
      • HP or Samsung Memory

      Data Centre

      • Uninterruptable Power Supply
      • Generator
      • Multiple Network connections
      • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts
      • No single point of failure
    • Who & What it's Designed For

      ​HA Dedicated Server Silver are real workhorse servers; they will run most Windows or Linux application with no trouble at all.

      • Single multi core  CPU
      • Up to 128 GB RAM
      • Up to 4TB of storage
      • Up to 32 IP addresses
      • Basic monitoring
    • Support & How to Access It

      ​​All dedicated servers have IPMI version 2.0 access via the HP iLO, this means that you can connect to your server to power it on or perform hard reboot. This will get you out of trouble most of the time.

      Dedicated Server iLo features

      • Remote Console
      • Virtual Power allows physical reboots
      • Virtual KVM gives you access to the BIOS, Operating System and Applications
      • Virtual CD/DVD drive
      • Monitor Server Health and Temperature

      A server without access is no good to anyone so we include a level of support to ensure basic services are always vailable.

      So even without an additional Operating System Support agreement, we will help you restore access to your Dedicated Server.

      We offer fully comprehensive 24-7 Operating System Support for a low monthly cost, as well as a full range of data backup options.

      If all else fails and you need us to fix an unsupported operating system fault on your server our engineers are on call for an hourly charge.

    • Product Options Explained

      Operating System

      Windows or Linux the choice is yours.

      As standard we are able to offer the latest Windows Server 2012 or 2016 Operating System or either Centos Linux version 6.x or 7.x. However, with dedicated servers we are able to install other operating systems that are compatible with HP Servers please email us at

      Memory RAM

      1. HA Dedicated Server Silver server can have up to 128 GB of Memory. The more you have the more your server will be able to juggle different tasks and the quicker it will respond.

      1TB Hard Drives

      HA Dedicated Server Silver can be configured with up to four Western Digital Red 1TB drives.

      Number of Disk Drives RAID Level Un-formatted Disk Space
      1 Drive RAID 0 1TB
      2 Drive RAID 1 1TB
      3 Drive RAID 5 2TB
      4 Drive RAID 5 3TB

      Each Dedicated Server will receive a routed block of IP addresses, this is the most secure way of allocating IP addresses, as IP addresses cannot be accidentally used by others. Each block has a total number of addresses and a usable number of addresses. The usable number is always (on our networks) three less than the overall number of addresses.

      Data Transfer at 100Mbit

      Each HA Dedicated Server Bronze includes unlimited data transfer on a 100 Mbit connection.

    • Specific Terms & Conditions

      ​Our HA Dedicated Server Silver are available on a monthly contract with a minimum term of 1 Month.

      After the minimum term, just tell us you no longer need it and pay one more invoice. 

      You will get full use of the server until the end of the period you have paid for.

    • Technical Details & Specifications

      Our ​Dedicated Server Bronze product feature the following specification.

      • HP Server 
      • Single 4 Core Processor
      • 2 x hot swap power supplies
      • Hardware RAID card
      • 4 x Hot swap drive bays
      • HP or Samsung memory
      • iLO port connected on a separate IP, this will be one of your allocated addresses.
    • Ordering & Service Delivery

      ​We build servers to order, we have a wide range of server variations, so it can take two or three days to get your server live. If you need it sooner contact us and we will give you an honest answer to how soon you can have it.

      Billing Options

      Monthly and annual billing are both available there is a 5% discount for annual payments.

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