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HA Windows Virtual Server

Rory | Managing Director

"We make sure our HA Virtual Servers Great Up Time by not relying on any single hardware component. If something breaks there is another waiting to automatically take its place."

Prices are great too as you only pay for the resources you need. Computing power can easily be increased or decreased to suit your needs. We started the company by building High Availability Virtual Servers. The High Availability features of virtualisation are what we named the company after.

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  • Reliability & Uptime

    ​99.7% up-time Guarantee, you will receive service credits if we miss a Service Level Agreement. The 99.7% figure relates to our Virtual Server Infrastructure, if you have taken an Operating System Support option different Guarantees may also apply.

    Even more background information can be found on this page

    Full details in terms and conditions can be found here.

  • Who & What it's Designed For

    ​These days there are very few applications that don’t run well on a virtualised platform, so if you need a Windows Server then our HA Virtual Servers are for you. We have servers running many services including all the following, so there is a good chance we can help you too.

    • Databases including MS SQL and MySQL
    • Email Servers
    • Web Servers
    • VOIP systems
    • Document Management Systems
    • CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software
    • Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP
    • Backup Software
    • File Storage
    • Bespoke Software and Apps
  • Support & How to Access It

    ​If you have a problem with your cloud server, you can email or call 0114 228 0022. During working hours, we will respond to your support tickets within 4 hours.

    If you have taken one of our Operating System Support options, log a support ticket in the normal way and we will respond in line with your Service Level Agreement.

    We support the underlying infrastructure of the Virtual Servers 24/7/365, we have all sorts of alerting and monitoring in place so we will be aware of potential problems straight away.

  • Product Options Explained

    Operating System

    We are able to offer the latest Windows Server Operating Systems, select the one you are most comfortable with. If in doubt choose the latest as its likely to be the faster and most secure. 


    Memory, Windows cloud servers require a minimum of 2GB of RAM, the more you have the more your server will be able to juggle different tasks and the quicker it will respond.

    CPU Cores

    The more CPU cores you have, the more number crunching your server will be capable of.

    System Disk Size

    Where the Operating System and your data is stored

    Second Disk Size

    If you are old school and want to store your data on a separate drive.

    IP Addresses

    You can have more than one address on the internet, maybe for websites secured by SSL certificate or maybe something, even more, techie.

    Network Port Speed

    If you need to transfer large amounts of data or even small amounts really fast then consider a faster port, we can go all the way up to 500Mbit.

    Server OS Support

    If you want us to manage updates and provide break/fix support for your Windows Operating System then you need to select this option. If you need out of hours Operating System Support please contact us to discuss further.

    Managed Data Backup for Servers

    We can provide you with a fully managed, backup service, either during normal business hours or twenty-four hours a day. Normal hours are from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. This includes CloudBackupUK’s a full featured software.

    Backup Data disk in GB. 

    If you take the backup option, you will need to specify the amount of data to backup, to start with we suggest you order an amount equal to the data that requires backing up. We find by the time that data has been compressed that this is the best starting place.

  • Specific Terms & Conditions

    ​Monthly Contract, you just need to give us a months’ notice for any changes, upgrades can usually be done same or next business day.

    nb Removing allocated disk space is not always possible.

  • Technical Details & Specifications
    • High Availability: Server will fail-over on fully redundant hardware in the event of a hardware failure
    • CPU: Intel Xeon 2.27GHz - Upgrades to up to 8 Cores available
    • Dedicated Memory: 1GB to 16GB
    • SAN Storage: 50GB to multiple terabytes
    • Windows OS: Windows Server 2012R2 Standard or Windows Server 2008R2 Standard
    • IP Addresses: one included up to 64 available
    • Bandwidth: 100Mbit port included, upgrade to up to 500Mbit, all with unlimited bandwidth
    • Managed NAT: Option available
    • Plesk: Parallels Plesk Panel, fully featured web hosting control panel
  • Ordering & Service Delivery

    ​Nearly all our cloud servers are deployed automatically so you can expect to receive your server in under 4 hours. If for some reason automatic deployment doesn’t happen it will be deployed manually during the next working day.

    You will receive your username, password and network allocation by email.

    You will be able to manage your server by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) so will need a suitable client.

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