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Windows Managed Web Hosting VPS

I​f your business needs fast, web hosting that just works, our Managed Webhosting VPS (Virtual Private Server), is for you.

We cover the basics with fast reliable web hosting and then we look after those annoying things that can take your web site or email offline when you least expect it.

This includes management of your domain name, SSL certificate and all the DNS settings.

Let our team of experience technicians manage your website so that it will always be online.

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    ​Hosting Control Panel​

    You will have access to the Plesk Hosting Control Panel which will allow you to easily mange the hosting of your sites.

    Network Port Speed​

    You get a full unrestricted access to 100 Mbit ​of internet bandwidth, more than fast enough for 99% of all websites.


    ​You can choose 2GB to 8GB of RAM. The base 2GB is fine for most single site setups, add more if you have a very big or multiple web sites.

    vCPU Cores​

    Virtual CPU cores or processors, again the base of 2 vCores should be fine for most setups, add more if you have a very big or multiple web sites. ​

    SSD Storage​

    Fast disk storage to make you sites go faster.​ Solid State Disks much faster than the old spinning disk that we have been using for the last 25 years.

    Managed Sites, includes Name, IP, SSL and DNS.​

    We will renew your domain name when the time comes so that you don't need to remember to​.

    We will provide and install an SSL certificate for you, this is good for the security of your site and your are more likely to receive a higher position in search results with this installed, SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address which also included.

    DNS management for your domain name, domain names don't just control your website they also control things like email and web apps. These days configuring DNS to work can get very complicated we will look after this for you. Too many times we have see a "Professionals" move a website and domain name and break the email for the entire company.

    Website Backup​

    Everyone needs to backup there data so we have included a simple website backup for everyone, this comes with 10 GB of storage ​which can be increased to 100 GB in 10 GB increments.

    Server Image Backup​

    If you site is really important the you want to consider a full server backup from which the sites and server settings can be restored quickly and efficiently.​

    Backup Disk Storage 50 GB​

    This is storage for the Server Image Backup​, it increases in increments of 50 GB up to 250 GB.

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