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Update: Remote Hands During COVID-19

Hi everyone, just another quick update on how our Remote Hands Policy is currently working during the COVID-19 enforced lockdown.
Just as a reminder, we are still mostly working from home where possible, as per the Government guidelines.
Previously on weekday mornings, we would have a Technician in to carry out essential Data Centre checks. During this time period, we were also carrying out any Remote Hands support.
However, now that the Government’s lockdown restrictions have been made more flexible, we thought we’d adjust to doing the same.

Our updated Remote Hands Support is now as follows:

– A Technician will be on-site at 8 am – 10 am (Mon – Fri)
-A Technician will also be on-site at 4 pm – 6 pm (Mon – Fri)
During these two time slots, we will be able to respond and carry out any Remote Hands Support you may need. So if you need Remote Hands in the near future, bear these times in mind.
We understand that these time restrictions can be inconvenient, so we appreciate you’re understanding during this lockdown period. We hope to get increasingly more flexible until we can open up as normal, this will, however, be following Government guidelines. We’ll keep you updated, as and when.
If you’re not sure if you have Remote Hands Included or aren’t sure what we can and can’t do for you with Remote Hands, please feel free to get in touch with Support. Likewise, if you need emergency support, again please get in touch with support.
0114 228 0022
Thank you for your understanding.
The HA Hosting Team


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