Russell Harrison, Zebranet


Zebranet provides a range of on-line event management solutions which have been developed by Sheffield-based entrepreneur Russell Harrison after being challenged by his wife to help her manage more effectively a number of baby-signing classes which she runs. He set about creating a new robust system which could take bookings, as well as managing payments and invoices automatically.

Russell, an experienced software developer and former IT director, appointed HA Hosting to provide a cloud-based hosting system for his business in 2011, after encountering a number of problems with his previous host which meant his growing numbers of customers experienced difficulties in completing transactions  due to regular server failures accompanied by poor levels of customer service.

Keen to find an alternative, he contacted HA Hosting and was surprised to receive an invitation to visit the company’s bespoke data centre, giving him an opportunity to see the HA’s technology for himself and find out more about the range of services they offered.

What Russell Said About Us:

“From the very first contact I had with HA Hosting, I felt the company took its levels of customer service very seriously and went way beyond event my wildest expectations, nothing has ever been too much trouble. Over the years, as well as providing technical support when I’ve needed it, they have also been able to offer advice and have even assisted me in developing new business proposals where a robust infrastructure capable of supporting large volumes of traffic is essential.

“After my previous experiences with another provider it was vital that the platform offered a robust solution which was available 24 hours a day. A lot of the customers who use the ticketing systems we provide tend to be parents of young children, meaning that it can be quite common for bookings to be made throughout the night, often into the early hours of the morning.

“One of the key features offered by HA’s cloud platform was the flexibility of the packages, allowing me to benefit from a system which could grow as my business needs evolved. I feel that I have built up a good working relationship with the company and would go as far to say that the levels of service I’ve received have only been surpassed by the quality of the service I’ve received over the past four years.”

Since 2011, Zebranet has enjoyed significant growth and currently provides its online booking system to individuals and franchises throughout the UK, as well as building up a varied client portfolio ranging from dance academies and swimming schools to event management companies, resulting in over 100,000 bookings being taken through the booking platform.

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