Colocation Hosting – How to Save Money

How to Save Money with Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting

As you may know, Colocation can be a very powerful form of Hosting. It lets you have all the advantages of having your own servers but without the huge upfront costs of infrastructure set up & also means you don’t have to worry about maintaining uptime.
A good Data Centre will do its best to make sure that your Colocation Hosting has great uptime, via expert management of power, cooling, network, and security.

Start Saving Money on Your Colocation Hosting

There are a couple of different ways in which you can save a bit of money with your Colocation Hosting.
– Pay-as-you-go power
– Energy-efficient servers
As you know electricity is getting more and more expensive. One way to help mitigate some of these costs would be to look at setting up your Colocation hosting with a Data Centre that uses a ‘Pay as You Go’ power system.
This is as exactly as it sounds. You are only charged for the power you use. Sounds simple right?
This requires the Data centre to have the systems in place to take regular readings, and then work out how much to charge. The downside to this is that you can have a variable monthly bill, depending on what you use your server for.

As mentioned earlier, another way to reduce the cost of your Colocation is to invest in a more energy-efficient server. This will simply mean your server overall will use less power for the tasks it needs to perform. Typically, these are more modern machines, and possibly more expensive initially to buy.

What impacts how much power a server uses:

• Age
• Older servers are generally less efficient, so use more power. This also means they run hotter and require more cooling.
• CPU usage
• If a server is carrying out complex calculations it will use more CPU and therefore more power. However, a high proportion of servers are idle for a lot of the time.
• Hard Drives
• A server with a lot of busy hard drives will use more electricity than one with a similar amount of SSD (Solid State Drives)
• Temperature
• A server that is running hot will spin its fans at a higher speed and this will mean that it uses more electricity. This can be caused by missing or failed fans, poor airflow, or obstructions at the front or back.


Calculate Your Costs

We’ve provided a tool you can use which will give an estimate of how much you can expect a 1U server to cost, with differing amounts of power usage.
Click the link below and feel free to see how much you could expect to pay, and possibly save, on your Colocation.

Calculate Your Colocation Power Costs


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