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Server Colocation in Sheffield, UK 

At our data centre, we will give your server a home that is secure, cool, has reliable power and a fast internet connection.

Colocation is an ideal solution for small to midsized businesses that need to house their servers in a professional server environment without the high capital expense of building a server room or data centre. Customers rent server space, providing access to resilient power, specialist cooling systems and high-speed fibre internet connections thus keeping their hosting and bandwidth costs down.

Server racks are housed in secure, climate-controlled colocation facilities with backup generators, which will ensure that your servers run continuously and your online services are available to you or your clients.

HA Hosting offers a variety of colocation options:

Our Data Centre

We have our own N+1 data centre in Sheffield, you can check out the specifications of our colocation and data centre specifications on the following pages.

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