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Hello everyone!

Chris here again, for another quick update about what’s going on with me, marketing and HA Hosting.


15-Months Later

Some of you might recall that when I first joined HA Hosting, I made a blog post about starting both my job and my apprenticeship. Alongside HA Hosting, I was being trained by Watertight Marketing to help develop my Digital Marketing skills throughout the year.
15-months later I have finally finished the Apprenticeship, passing with distinction to boot.


So, what does to be finished and qualified mean for me and HA Hosting?


More Time

At the very basic level, it means that I will have more time in the week to dedicate to improving HA Hosting’s marketing. This won’t result in anything flashy but means strategies/actions can have more time dedicated to thinking/performing them.


Enhancing Your Experience

What this should mean for you, is that over the next year various actions will be implemented to make the whole process of interacting with us easier. This could be anything from more valuable website content to simplifying and improving the process to get the support you want.
Whatever changes will happen, there always will be one thing that is at the forefront of decision making:

How can we improve how we help you.


Quick Thanks

To finish up I’d like to say a big thanks to Watertight Marketing and Working Knowledge. They have helped to develop me as a marketer and support me over the past year when needed. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten very far!

If you’d like to know more about what makes Watertight Marketing’s methodology so good or are interested in why having a non-typical apprenticeship can be beneficial, I’ll leave links to both websites below.

Watertight Marketing

Working Knowledge


More to Come

Next week there will be another blog post from me. This will go into more detail about how the training with Watertight Marketing has impacted HA Hosting as a business. We figure this way it’ll show how worthwhile it’s been for us and how it benefits you. So if that sounds interesting, be on the lookout next week.

The easiest way to keep updated and know when it’s posted is to follow us on social media.





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