New Website is Now Live

It’s been a long time in the making, but our new website is finally live!

New Lick of Paint

The most obvious change from the old site is that it’s got a bit of a make-over, looking a lot more spacious and a little less ‘boxy’. The main purpose of this is to not only make ourselves look a little more presentable, but to make navigation around the website much easier – hopefully making your experience a lot more enjoyable.

Not Just a Pretty Face

There are a lot more changes, other than a face-lift, underneath the surface – moving over to a new client portal and billing system, Host Bill, which will be replacing WHMCS. Essentially this will just be making our lives that little bit easier. Bigger things like email integration all the way to some more basic features like more freedom in webpage design are far now far easier. Basically, any improvements that we can think of can be implemented easier, and because of this we won’t just be stopping here!

Grand Plans…

…or something like that! With the increased functionality on the new site, combined with our new efforts on digital marketing, we finally have an outlet for the hundreds of ideas floating around our heads. This means that over the coming year or so, you can expect to see even more changes to our website. We’re striving to keep an active effort on continuously improving the design and functionality of our new digital home.

These won’t be drastic changes so if you’re familiar with our old site then you’ll still know where you’re going on the new site now and with any future changes we have in the pipeline! The main two aspects we’re always keeping in mind is Functionality and Design!

Got a Suggestion?

Got a suggestion or improvement you’d really like to see on the site? Give us a shout over email or by phone and we’ll note it down and see what we can do about it. After all we want this new site to be as helpful to you as we can make it! You can find our contact information here:


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