Backup Utility – More Than Just Recovery

Online Backup Utility – More Than Just Recovery


Online Backup. Nowadays I think almost everybody knows what it is (whether they have it or not is a different question…). Most people also know that it can be used to restore data when data loss is suffered. Correct, this is its core purpose after all. But what about if you never experience data loss and never have to restore? Are you wasting your money on something you’ve never used? How about we tell you how to get some extra backup utility?

If you’ve never had to back up even once after a long period of time then consider yourself lucky! And just to clarify, just because you haven’t had to back up yet – it doesn’t mean you won’t have to! We ALWAYS recommend having some sort of backup solution in place.

But on the days/months/years you aren’t restoring from your online backup, here are a few ways you can gain some extra online backup utility.


Extra Backup Utility – Data That’s Convenient

The primary feature of backup is to be able to restore from a previously saved version of your data. We all know this. What you might not have thought of is that is using that same functionality to your advantage when you DON’T need to restore.

This essentially works like any other cloud storage, upload your file at one place – then you can download it from anywhere else. While this seems obvious, a lot of people get in their mind is ‘backup is for recovery’. There is nothing stopping you from getting a bit of extra utility out of it. A bit more ‘bang for your buck’ as it were. And because of versioning, you will have access to your data from different dates, should you need it.


The Benefit of Digital Storage Over Physical

This is another one that when you stop to think about it, seems like an obvious benefit! If all your data is backed up online, then that means you don’t have to invest in physical storage which you then have to look after and keep track of.

It’s easy to put some documents you need on a USB drive and then either damaged or misplaced it. We’ve all done it. Or even the to the more extremes of theft. And while we recommend keeping copies of your data in 3 places (the original and two copies), having your first copy of your data online means:

  • You’re not having to buy hardware, saving you money
  • You’re not having to look after multiple drives etc
  • You can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection


It’s a Lot Easier to Manage

A big bonus to having an online backup is that often a lot of software for it these days can be automated. This obviously means once set up a daily backup, for example, will just do itself. Sounds like an obvious feature, right?

But what about managing versions of backups? Trying to do this yourself across multiple physical disks or drives would be tedious and a nightmare to keep them all up to date. Again, most online backup software will version and keep a record of them. This makes sorting and storing your versions easy – leaving the only thing for you to do choose what version you want to restore from.


Peace of Mind

Backup is a type of insurance for your data. Even if you never have to use it (consider yourself lucky!) it’s always a good idea to have it in case you need it. With that said, as soon as you have a working backup system in place, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Even if you never have to restore from it, isn’t the comfort of knowing your business with never be significantly impacted by data loss worth it? Nobody likes to live worrying about the ‘but what-ifs.’


Your Data in Safe Hands

Another bonus in addition to having the security of a backup is the fact that you’ll have a copy of your data offsite.

The reason this is good is that it means in the unfortunate case of a fire, flood, theft etc. you’ll still have a copy of your data available. This helps to reduce the likelihood of you losing all your data and potential facing the ruin of your business! We find it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Keep Updated

There is our list of just a few of the additional benefits of having an online backup. We hope you found some the extra backup utility you can use interesting. If you would like to find more about backup you can visit our series of blogs on backup here.

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