Reseller Cloud Hosting – What is it?

Reseller Cloud Hosting


What is Reseller Cloud Hosting?

Reseller Cloud Hosting, as the name suggests, is a form of Cloud Hosting. How this differs from regular Cloud Hosting is that you get a discounted price on virtual resources in turn for buying in larger quantities. This then means you can use your virtual servers and resources how you please. Commonly people will divide these resources and sell smaller Cloud Hosting packages to their customers. This is what gives it the name ‘Reseller Cloud Hosting’.


Why Should I Choose This Over Standard Cloud Hosting?

If you are an individual or a company who only wishes to use the Cloud Hosting for yourselves, then this is not for you.

This is because typically Reseller Cloud Hosting packages contain a large number of resources, usually too much for an individual to use by themselves. And while discounted in price (for the number of resources) this is still more expensive than purchasing a standard Cloud Hosting Package.


However, if you are a small to medium IT Service Provider then this could be perfect for you.

Reseller Cloud Hosting would allow you to buy a bunch of resources for cheaper than normal and then allow you to use them as you wish. As mentioned earlier, typically you would sell these with a premium to your clients and customers.


What Are the Benefits of Reseller Cloud Hosting?

Lower Price – Same Great Quality

Because you would be buying virtual resources in bulk, you receive a nice discount on the price. This allows you to still price your re-sold services competitively and have a nice profit margin. Think about how Supermarkets buy produce in bulk and sell to customers with a premium. The cost of buying instead becomes an investment into your business, that in turn makes more money.


Offer a Service Without Infrastructure & Maintenance.

This one is a BIG one. It is no secret that the cost of building the space and implementing all the infrastructure needed is not cheap. And unless you need a huge amount of servers/resources it often hard for it to the money to cover the costs.

Rather than building it yourself, why not take advantage of a Data Centre that has done all the hard work for you?

Not only would you have to not worry about creating the service/infrastructure, but you also would not have to worry about maintaining the service either. That would be the Data Centre’s job!


Why Don’t We Sell It Ourselves?

We have pointed out that the are a lot of benefits to selling Reseller Cloud Hosting, particularly when it comes to seeing a profit. So why would we not just cut out the middleman and sell it ourselves?

The answer is simple. We like working with other IT Service Providers.

We much prefer to work with other IT-based businesses rather than with end-users. That’s it!

This way we can work as partners and provide the service and support you need, while you can sell an additional service to your existing or new customers. It is a win-win situation!


A Reseller Cloud Hosting Recap

  • Buy virtual resources in bulk for a discounted price
  • Divide and allocate those resources however you like
  • Re-sell Cloud Hosting to your customers for a profit
  • No investing in infrastructure or maintenance
  • Add a service to what you provide
  • Cost of buying becomes an investment that allows you to cover the costs and make a profit on top
  • Work in a partnership with another IT Service Provider


If you would like to learn more about our Reseller Cloud Hosting, click here!


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