The Benefits of Single Server Colocation

What are the Benefits of Single Server Colocation Hosting?

Why Colocation Hosting?

What is Single Server Colocation Hosting?

Colocation is a service provided, usually by Data Centres, based around server hosting. Put simply, you can give your server(s) to a Data Centre and they will make sure it has power, internet, cooling and is kept secure.
Colocation for a Single Server would be for, as the name suggests, one physical server. These are typically kept in a rack with multiple other servers that belong to other people. This makes it a much cheaper option than having your rack. Perfect for if you have one or a small number of servers.

Why Use Colocation for a Single Server?

Is paying for Colocation hosting for one server worth it? Can’t I host it myself?
The short answer is yes you could…If you like spending a lot of money wastefully. Let us explain.
A lot of the ‘hidden costs’ are often not considered when you need to buy a server. This is things like:
– Cooling
– Infrastructure
– Synchronous Internet
– Power
– Backup Power
– Security
– Room to Grow
– Someone to Manage it
– Noise Reduction
– Regular Maintenance

All these things should be considered when thinking about server hosting. Unfortunately, none of these things come cheap either. We find that if you have only a small number of servers, it’s usually not worth the large costs.
If you have many servers or can accommodate the room needed for growth in the future, then considering self-hosting could be an option.
If you’ll only be having singular or a few servers, we honestly think Single Server Colocation is worth considering for the reasons found below.

The Benefits of Single Server Colo


The main job of a Colocation provider is to ensure that a high level of uptime is provided. It is common for most Data Centre’s to offer above a 99% uptime, with some claiming as much as 99.9%. This is achieved through the monitoring and maintenance of power, cooling and internet connections. It is common for most Colo providers to have multiple options in place for all the above, as a form of redundancy.


Any good Data Centre will keep your server(s) safe by having multiple security features in place. We can’t speak for others, but at our Data Centre we have implemented:
– Lockable server racks
– Access control, limited to what people need only, by key fobs
– 24/7 external and internal CCTV
– Monitoring system on who enters the Data Centre
Another benefit of having your server be kept offsite from your main location is that it keeps it protected from fire, floods and theft where you’re situated. Typically, an offsite server or backup is much safer than an onsite one.


There are a lot of hefty setup costs that are needed for hosting servers. This is things like infrastructure, racks cooling and redundancy.
We find it is often way too expensive at a small scale, such as one or a small number of servers. And because i can also be very hard to predict when you will need to upgrade your setup and number of servers. As a result, overspending unnecessarily or delaying growth often occurs.

Colocation can work out much cheaper as the costs are fixed and typically the prices are inclusive. It works out cheaper as a Data Centre can split the costs across all their customers to cover it, making it much cheaper for their customers. Things often tend to be cheaper bought in bulk, which applies here too.

Grow as You Need it

Data Centres are built at such a scale to accommodate a vast number of servers. And because of this, there is almost always room to expand and grow what you need. This is particularly the case with Single Server Colocation hosting as it’s as simple as adding another server you own to the Data Centre.

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