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Windows Cloud Hosting | Who is it For?

Windows Cloud Hosting | Who is it For?


Recently we’ve discussed what Windows Cloud Hosting is and what benefits it can bring. So we figure now is a good time to go over who would benefit from Windows Cloud Hosting the most.


Windows Cloud Hosting Recap

Before we start, here’s a quick recap of Windows Cloud Hosting in case you’ve not read our previous blog.

Windows Cloud Hosting is a service where you can pay a Data Centre in exchange for a bundle of digital resources. These in turn can then be allocated and divided however you like. This means you can buy one ‘bundle’ of cloud hosting and then either use or resell your virtual servers on to clients! The benefit of this is the speed and flexibility of creating, editing and deleting your virtual servers. Especially when you compare how long it would take to do the same actions with a hardware-based server. The other key benefit is that as long as you have resources left you can create as many virtual servers as you want.


Who is Windows Cloud Hosting for?

Time to get into the nitty-gritty, here’s what you need to know.

Typically Cloud Hosting services are aimed at and used by IT Service Providers. Technically anyone can use and benefit from using cloud hosting – think having access to your own servers for passion projects without physical server costs. However, generally speaking, ISP’s will find being able to buy resources and allocate them into multiple smaller servers more useful. Typically this is because they can either run different tasks or be re-sold onto their own clients.

From our own experience and working with other businesses who use our Cloud Hosting we’ve found that:

  • Cloud Hosting offers a lot of flexibility and control
  • Is a cheaper option compared to physical servers
  • Cloud Hosting makes ISP’s reselling servers to their own clients much easier and more affordable
  • Allows ISP’s to upgrade their own or clients servers easily and on the fly


How Easy is Expansion?

Due to the virtual nature of Cloud Hosting, expansion of both individual servers and the total amount of resources you own is easy. You can easily expand, create and delete virtual servers through a client portal – this also includes requesting more resources.

If you have any questions about whether you should consider multiple Single Servers or a Quarter Rack, get in touch with us here. We’re happy to answer any questions!


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