The Downsides of Colocation Hosting?

The Downsides of Colocation Server Hosting?

Colocation Server Hosting is an option that can offer a lot of benefits to a business who needs their own servers but can’t host them themselves. To see the benefits of Colocation, click here.

However like with most things, there are some tradeoffs to using Colocation as well.


Your Server. Your Responsibility.

Using a Colocation Server Hosting provider means that a lot of the environmental factors (power, cooling, network etc.) will be taken care of as part of the service.

However, as far as the maintenance of the actual server, that falls on you. This means any physical upgrades, repairs or anything else must be done by you. Think of Colocation like this: you are essentially renting out space for your servers to live in. You wouldn’t expect a landlord to pay your bills or make your dinner, would you? If you want to use a server but don’t want to maintain it, Cloud Hosting could be an option to consider.


Is Colocation Server Hosting Too Much?

Depending on the size of the business needing it, Colocation could be an expensive option. For very small businesses, colo can be pricey – of course, this depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The number of servers that need hosting
  • The location of the Data Centre
  • The Colocation provider
  • Your hosting requirements

We’ve seen prices for Single Server Colocation vary from £40 all that way up into the hundreds range. We like to think our Colocation Server Hosting is priced at an accessible level 😉


Travelling for Colocation Server Hosting

Due to the nature of having your servers be hosted by a third-party, physical access to your servers means travelling. This can often be a big factor when businesses look at Colocation options. Especially if they are planning on accessing the Data Centre regularly.

What you need to ask yourself is: “How far am I willing to travel if I need to fix something quickly?”

Unfortunately, there is no set rule that makes the answer to this question easy. Although generally speaking, if it’s more than a couple of hours I’d think hard about your decision.


To find out more about our Colocation, click here.


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