Rack Colocation Hosting | What to Prepare For

5 Things to Prepare for When Moving into Rack Colocation Hosting


1 – Physical Access for Rack Colocation Hosting:

One of the perks of Rack Colocation Hosting is physical access to your server is always available. Quarter Rack, Half Rack and Full Rack customers; will have access to their servers whenever is needed and will be given keys and door codes so they can let themselves in. The only thing that needs to be organised ahead of time is a moving-in day/time. This is so we can prepare your Rack, Keys, codes and whatever else you need to make the transition to a Rack as smooth as possible. After this, you’ll have free reign over when you choose to visit your Rack!


2 – Up Time & Transparency:

Here at HA Hosting, we are always aiming for 100% uptime for your servers. We’re so confident in fact, that we offer you credit on the rare occasions your server uptime falls below an acceptable level. Of course, accidents, whether that be our fault or someone else’s (ISP etc). In the event that an outage happens or maintenance is needed, we make sure to keep all affected customers updated! We want you to feel confident that you can trust us to help! Our Status Page is updated regularly and tracks all Data Centre activity.


3 – Remote Hands Support:

Our Rack Colocation Hosting comes with free Remote Hands Support. This is so you can have someone physically interact with your server – saving you a trip! We like to help out and make things more convenient for you if we can! This can be particularly helpful for small fixes or replacing hot-swap components.


4 – Prepping IP Addresses for Rack Colocation Hosting:

With our Rack Colocation Hosting, we allocate your IP Addresses beforehand, so you can start to configure your servers before you get here. This means you can show up on your moving-in day with a working server. We find this helps speed up the process of moving in for you. If you need helping to configure your servers, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


5 – What You Need to Bring:

  • Rack Rails: You’d be surprised at how many people forget they need rails to hold their servers in place!
  • Power and Network Cables: Make sure you bring enough cabling so you can set up your servers properly! Again, you’d be surprised at how many IT companies won’t bring any/enough!
  • And of course any servers you want to install in your Rack!

If you’re missing something, let us know beforehand (although we know that things can go wrong and crop up) and we will do our best to find what you need. We want to make the transition to one of our Rack Colocation Hosting as easy as possible!


Any Questions About Rack Colocation Hosting?

If you have any questions about Colo then you give us a shout here. You can find out more about our colocation here.

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