New Generator Delivered for Unit 7

New Generator for Unit 7


We believe in always taking steps forward and trying to improve ourselves and the services we provide. Last week we took a big step in that direction.


Bulking Up the Backup

Anyone who has visited our Sheffield Data Centre before will know about the big generator we have outside of Unit 9. Obviously, it’s job is to automatically takeover and provide power to the Data Centre should we experience a power outage. This, along with several UPS, massively helps increase the amount of redundancy and resilience are overall infrastructure has!

New Addition

Last week we had a delivery bringing us a brand new generator. This is the same model as our current Unit 9 generator and will be used to improve Unit 7’s backup power. This now means that both of our Units we operate in are backed up by a generator now!

This is just one of many steps we’re taking to make sure the service we provide is as good as it can be!

New Unit 7 Generator


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