Colocation Server Hosting – How It Helps

Colocation Server Hosting



In this Digital Age, it is now more important than ever to have your digital services and platforms to have a strong foundation. Put simply, reliable hosting is key for IT Service Providers.

Having your server(s) comes with an array of benefits, one of the biggest being that you have complete control over how you use it and what for. However, owning your server can also come with a few downsides as well – Colocation server hosting can help to reduce or eliminate some of these.



Aside from the initial cost of the hardware for your server, there are also some other big costs which people sometimes forget. The biggest extra costs are:

  • Cooling
  • Power
  • Infrastructure
  • Connection
  • Redundancy
  • Physical hosting

All of these can be overlooked but are key to running servers effectively with little to no downtime. Self-hosting is expensive on a small scale. Unless you need full racks of servers, it is usually cheaper to work with a Data Centre offering Colocation server hosting.

Data Centre’s are purpose-built with server hosting in mind. They will have all the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure a smooth installation of your server and so that it stands a good chance of always being online.



This one is self-explanatory. Server racks, the infrastructure, cable management, power and cooling all take up a lot of space. Often unless you have specifically planned for this, you just simply will not have enough physical space.

As mentioned earlier, Data Centres are built for this exact reason. This means that Colocation server hosting can let you have the benefits of using your servers, but without turning your office into a makeshift server room.


This one goes together with the last point. Servers by nature are often very noisy – especially when you have tens of them in a single room. You would be surprised about how little else you can hear in a server room.

Colocation server hosting moves your servers away from your office – giving you the peace you need to look after your business and customers.



Servers get hot. Especially during the Summer months. It can be tricky to cool down a room full of servers without having the proper setup for it.

Colocation server hosting makes use of a Data Centre’s purpose-built server rooms, where often a lot of money has been invested in the cooling systems and temperature monitoring systems. These can range from fans to water cooling systems.



Keeping your servers at a different location to your main office adds an extra layer of protection. Should the worst happen, and your main office is struck by fire/flood or even theft – your servers and data would still be kept safe, allowing for a speedier recovery.

A good Data Centre will have multiple security measures in place, such as CCTV, access control and backups to ensure your servers and data remain safe.


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