Our New Range of Cloud Backup Solutions

Our New Range of Cloud Backup Solutions


As you probably know, as a Data Centre one of the main services we can provide to people and other businesses is backup.

Over the past year, as a company, we have been focusing on developing some of our other products and services. Whether this is through improving the backend & infrastructure or by improving the user experience via portals/interfaces.

With these changes now done, we decided on the next thing to improve upon. Backup.


New HA Hosting Backup

For the past couple of months, we have been reworking how our Backup solutions will work going forwards. Our backup will now be split into various products, that will be more tailored to what different users need. For example, having a Storage Only solution for those who already have backup software integrated into their business. Or a Fully Managed solution for those who want backup but don’t have the time or expertise to manage & maintain it on a daily basis.


UK Cloud Backup

All these new backups will fall under the Umbrella Category of “UK Cloud Backup”.

So far, the Backup solutions we have in place/will have in place soon are:


As of right now, some of the products are almost ready to go and some will need a little extra work before they’re ready to be used.

If you find a backup solution that you’re interested in but can’t seem to move forward with purchasing it, then it might be not quite ready. Get in touch with us through and we’ll be able to answer any queries and possibly even get you set up a little early.


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