We’re Partnering Up with Veeam

We’re Partnering Up with Veeam


If you read our last blog post about the new types of backup services we’re developing this will be less of a surprise.

For those who haven’t read that blog, we encourage reading before this. This will make a lot more sense after.

But to cut a long story short; we’re becoming a Veeam Partner and will be offering some of their services.


Who is Veeam?

To use their own words: Veeam is the leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management“.

They are known for making backup easy and accessible. They provide a single platform for backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing data. This platform can be used with pretty much any backup storage you may already have too.

You may be thinking “if they’re so great, why wouldn’t we just buy backup from them?”. There is a simple answer.

They sell to direct customers. They prefer to work with IT companies. What they do is provide the platform and the resources for Resellers, who can then go on to help their own customers.


Veeam & HA Hosting

As we said earlier, we are partnering up with Veeam via their partner program. Put simply, this gives us the ability to resell their services and use their resources.

As a result of this, it means we can offer a robust and intuitive portal to interact with your backups but also use the storage we have at the Sheffield Data Centre.

For now, the first backup services we will be releasing is Veeam Cloud Connect. This allows you to connect any existing Veeam Backup you may have to our storage. We’ll have more on Veeam Cloud Connect in our next blog.


What Can You Expect

In the near future, you can expect to see Veeam Cloud Connect as a ready to use service. Beyond that, possibly more as time goes on.

This partnership means we’ll have support and resources we didn’t previously. Meaning we should be able to keep improving our backup services to make sure you have a great experience, should you ever decide to trust us with backing up and protecting your business.


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