5 Reasons You Don’t Need Backup

5 Reasons you don't need backup thumnail

Backup. Lots of people talk about why backing up your data is the best way to stay protected from data loss. What a load of nonsense. Here is 5 reasons why you don’t really need backup.


1 – You Never Really Need a Backup

Why would you ever need to use a backup? If you happen to lose any data, then you can just create that data again. Why would you bother with spending money on something you could just do for free yourself? Remember: Time = Money, so why would you not spend all your time painstakingly recreating your data rather than spending actual money. We all know we shouldn’t be spending money on things when we don’t have to. Surely it can’t take that long and it would be crazy to assume you’d be busy already. Sure, backups can be useful and are great to have as a contingency, but why bother paying for it when you can just make it again.


2 – You Like the Risk

What’s life without a little bit of excitement and risk in it? Just knowing that there is an ever-looming threat of data loss when you least expect it is exciting and keeps your regular day-to-day data management much more exciting. Who knows when it might happen – it could be next week, it could 3 years from now. What we do know for sure is that the mystery around it gets our hearts racing and dealing with the aftereffects of data loss is all part of the fun right? Imagine not having to worry ever about your data, knowing it was secure no matter what. Sounds boring right?

3 – Accidents? What Are Those?

You are perfect. We all know it. No matter what it is that you do, you’re going to nail it without a hitch. So, it only makes sense that this applies to looking after data too. You’re a shining example of data management. After all, why would you need to bother worrying about recovering your data when you’re never going to lose it. For data to be corrupted or deleted something must go wrong, and you don’t do wrong. Ever. Day after day you perform nothing but flawless execution. Spill a coffee on a machine? Impossible. Accidentally overwrite a file? Not going to happen. Download malware or a virus by mistake? Nope. Recovery means data loss, and you’d never lose data. It just can’t happen.


4 – You Always Work in One Place

You’ve heard that online backup software has extra utility by letting you access your data and download it from anywhere. But why would you ever need to do that? It’s inconceivable that you might have to work from somewhere else other than where you normally do. The same goes for having to access your data from a different device to normal. Imagine working and having access to your files from across multiple devices or locations – seems like an unnecessary faff because you’d never have to travel with work. And why would you ever want to access your files and data outside of office hours? It’s unheard of.


5 – It’ll Never Happen to Me

You’ve never experienced data loss before and you’re not planning on changing how you use or store data anytime soon, so why should you worry? If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it – am I right? It’s so unlikely to happen, there is no use worrying about it every day. And if you’ve not needed so far and nothing is changing, then why would you pay to protect yourself from something that might not happen?


Admittedly this blog post was pretty fun to write. And while taken to the more extreme ends of the scale, does give a bit more perspective on why some people think they don’t need backup. Hopefully you’ve realised that this blog post is a bit of fun! If you’d actually like to learn about the benefits of what backup can do for you, you can read our blogs or watch our short videos here. Not sure where to start? Here is a good place.

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