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Backup Issues – Common Concerns

Backup Issues – They Exist?!

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Backup issues do in fact exist. Shocker.

We won’t pretend that backup is the perfect solution. However, it is definitely much better than not having it. Here are some of the most common issues that can be found with backup. And more importantly, and what we do at HA Hosting to avoid them, to ensure a smooth backup experience.

Let’s get started!

Corrupted Backups

One of the main reasons that backups are super useful to have in place is they can be used to restore from if your local data is deleted to corrupted. But what if the backup file somehow gets corrupted? It’s not common but it CAN happen. However, before you go cancelling backups and ripping hard drives out of data centres it’s not as big as a problem as you may think.

Any Data Centre or Backup provider worth their salt will have contingencies in place. One way in which we do this is by offering Archived Versioning of your data. Simply put, this means we will save multiple copies of your data creating versions, usually as time progresses. So, if the data somehow corrupted on Day 10, we could grab the data from Day 9. Make Sense? We follow a fairly standard 30-day retention period, but this could be different depending on the provider. Make sure you check if this is something you’re using or want to use.

Human Error When Backing Up

As with anything, accidents or inexperience can lead to mistakes being made. You won’t believe how many people think they can do it themselves and end up deleting their data! This could be due to incorrect formatting/set up of the backup, or maybe overwriting the wrong thing.
We always recommend that your backup be set up and performed by someone who has plenty of experience with that particular software. The process can differ depending on the software and set up of hardware, so there is no ‘one glove fits all’ situation I’m afraid. Of course, we recommend learning how to use it if you’d like to know more about it, just maybe not with your important data ?

Alternatively, you can use a Managed Backup Service. Where providers such as us, will as the name suggest, manage the backup for you. This will include everything: set up, maintenance and even reports on how it’s functioning. We recommend a service like this for those would like backup but maybe don’t have the technical expertise. You can avoid a lot of unwanted stress and frustration this way!

Backup issues can be bad enough when they come from just the tech side. Why add more to that?

Delay from Disks Being Kept Offsite

If your backup is a physical backup and is being kept offsite, at somewhere like a data centre, then there will always be a delay. This is due to physical disks being found and transported. Obviously the further away you are, the more travel time there is.
Easy work-around for this one. Online Backup. Cloud Backup services are common nowadays and offer the security of backup but with added convenience due to being over the internet. You can simply log-in and access your data from anywhere. Pretty nifty aye. Naturally, the better your internet, the more you’ll benefit from this service.

What If a Bug is Replicated to my Backup via Remote Mirroring?

Bit more of a techier one. Firstly, remote mirroring is where changed to a file or data in one location is automatically copied and changed to copies saved in other locations. Applications such as Office365 or Google Drive are examples of this.
Similar to accidental deletion, Archived Versioning is the answer to this one. If multiple versions are saved, then it’s simple to roll back to a version without the bug and restore from that point. Remember that programs like Dropbox or Office365 aren’t backups, so make sure you’re saving copies of your data elsewhere too!

IT Staff Aren’t Available for Recovery/Restoration

Whether you have your own IT staff or not, if people who are experienced with your backup software aren’t available then you’re a bit stuck. Managed Backup services could be a solution for you to consider. Any good backup providers should offer 24/7 support in some shape or form so that you can get your data back should it all go wrong.

Interface/Process of Backup is Too Advanced for Me

If you can’t do it yourself then get someone else to do it for you! Services like Managed Backup exist to help people who can’t do it themselves/don’t have the time to. It can differ from provider to provider as to what they offer but the main benefit is it will reduce the amount of backup issues. At HA Hosting we will setup, manage and maintain your backup, to make sure it’s always working at it’s best for you. This includes daily reports letting you know it how it’s performing and if there are any issues. We also offer 24/7 support should you need it. Most other managed backup providers should offer something like this but be sure to check thoroughly.


Is Online Backup Reliable and Secure?

Online Backup can be used even with slow internet, as there are several options you can do to minimise clashing with regular internet use. These are things such as data compression, out of hours backups and bandwidth throttling. As long as you have an internet connection, online backup will work.

You can find out more about using backups with slow internet connections here.

And for those worrying about data security, online backup data can be encrypted before it’s transmitted, meaning it’s as safe as it would be if you were to encrypt your data on a hard drive.

Hopefully that covers all the main concerns you might have about having a Backup. If you would like to know more about backup, then we have a variety of blogs and guides here, ready to help! If there are any more concerns or questions you have, or perhaps you’d like to know more about any of the above you can get in touch with us here. We’d be happy to help in anyways we can!

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