#8 Speed Vaults & Restore Times

What is a Local Speed Vault?

Do you have a slow internet  connection? Does this affect how long it take to restore your data from an Online Backup? How would it work in an emergency or time-sensitive situation?
This can make it seem like an unreliable solution/method. A Local Speed Vault can help drastically improve this! A local speed vault is an additional physical copy of the backup data. It’s kept on an additional external storage device which can be used for faster restores.

Why Use a Speed Vault?

The benefit of having a Local Speed Vault is its dramatically faster restore times compared to restoring from over an internet connection. This is due to restoring from online is limited to your internet speeds and usage. It can impact your regular internet use as well, as the download would be bandwidth intensive.

But a speed vault is stored locally. The data transfer is much quicker and is only limited by the infrastructure you have in place e.g. USB or cabling speeds. This is particularly important in a time of crisis or time sensitivity, where you may have need of your data ASAP!
Another benefit of this is that a copy of your backup cans still be saved even if your internet is down. Meaning you have more protection in place for your data at all times.

How Does It Work?

Think if a large amount of client information was deleted or corrupted but luckily you have a backup. And then to make things worse you need the data as quick as possible to maintain standard business operations. A large delay waiting for a restore could mean a potentially large interruption of service. In this situation the Speed Vault would allow for the selected data to be restored much quicker.

A Speed Vault is setup so that it is connected to your network, so that as your data is backed up online, a copy is automatically saved to your external storage device too. This is one of the benefits if having online backup software as this means you don’t have to manually transfer data to the external device.

An additional storage device is needed for a Local Speed Vault to work, so there is an additional cost. This will be as expensive as the storage you buy, if you have higher data usage and demands then a larger memory device will be needed. Along with this, you are limited to the amount of physical memory on the device.

What If I Just Use…

“What if I just have an external storage device with my backups on, instead of using online backup software?”

This is a point that we hear a lot. The simple answer to this is that physical backup copies kept locally should only be used as contingencies. This is in case of a physical threat, such as fire, theft or even accidental damage, happening which could then damage and corrupt your physical storage.

It used to be the case that disks were sent off physically to another secure location. And in the case of a restore being needed, it would then be transported back. Of course, this came with the downsides of waiting on physical travel time. With the power of the internet, an Online Backup will now do the same thing but with much more convenience. Having a copy of your data offsite helps to ensure the security of it.

Want to Know More?…

If you would like to find out more about how backups work or which type would most benefit you, you can read more about them in our Blog posts. Or alternatively you can watch out short video guides here, to quickly get up to speed with all things backup!
If you have any questions that we haven’t covered yet, or perhaps you would like to discuss how backup would work for you, you can get in touch with us here. We’re happy to help and will get back to you as soon as we can!


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