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Hi Everyone, here is another quick update about some upcoming, scheduled maintenance that will be taking place this Friday (20/03/2020).


We will be carrying out some essential maintenance on our Exchange Platform over the weekend, beginning on Friday 19th of March at 9 am.

During this timeframe, the Exchange platform will be operating at a reduced resiliency level. This slight reduction in resilience is so that the platform can be upgraded – increasing resilience in the long term. However, we are not expecting any outages to service. If you think this has affected you, please contact the support team via the usual methods for help.

There is no guaranteed end time for the maintenance yet, however, we are expecting it to be completed by Monday at the latest (foregoing any unexpected surprises). We’ll keep the Status Page up to date with the progress of the maintenance. Checking that will be the best place to find the latest information.


If you have any questions about the maintenance, don’t be afraid to give our support team a quick shout!

[email protected]

0114 228 0022


Thanks for your time!

The HA Hosting Team


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