Improving Our Exchange Platform’s Resilience

Improving Our Exchange Platform

Hi everyone, this is a quick follow up from last week’s post of planned maintenance for our Exchange platform.
Our planned maintenance window for Exchange was completed over the weekend, with little to no disruption to service. The maintenance involved us moving the underlying Virtual Hard Disks to a new resilient, dedicated Ceph Storage pool.
This means the data is now spread across multiple disks, in multiple servers. The result of this means we can now lose a Ceph Server and service will be maintained as usual.
The benefits of having this system in place are obvious – a much more resilient Exchange platform. This will help maintain service due to the resilient design of the Ceph Storage pool. It should also give the platform a little performance boost – see some of the results yourself below!
Exchange before exchange after
As you can see, overall is there is a noticeable improvement in performance.
As always, we’ll keep the website and Status Page updated with any updates and maintenance that will be underway!

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