CloudBackup & SSL Update (June 2019)

Hi all, another quick update about some behind the scenes things we’ve been working on this week! 


CloudBackup Update 

We have updated all our storage nodes to latest version. We did this to keep our infrastructure updated, meaning there should be less issues and we are working in the most secure environment. The benefitting results of upgrading the storage nodes are: 

  • Improved storage node stability 
  • Likely performance increases due to software always being tuned to the latest version 
  • Ensuring consistency across the platform 


SSL on Storage nodes 

We have also improved security with new SSL certificate’s (Secure Sockets Layer) on the storage nodes as well. The reasons for changing the SSLs is to reduce the number of errors you may see in browsers such as Chrome, which constantly tighten what is acceptable on the internet. 

It’s important to have an SSL on web-based things such as websites and servers. You’ll know if something has got one as it will show a small padlock icon, representing that it’s secure. There’ll also be no security warning before trying to enter and most importantly means you can rest easy when accessing the storage nodes remotely. 


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