Our WordPress Hosting Is Faster

Our Fast WordPress Hosting is Faster. 


We believe our WordPress Hosting is faster than most others.  

A bold claim. We know. Let us explain why we think that. 


What is ‘Fast’? 

Before explaining why we’re so fast, let’s quickly go over briefly what makes websites ‘fast’. The basics of what makes Hosting fast is the data transfer rate. This is how fast data can be transferred from one place to another. 


Data used to be stored on HDD’s (Hard Drive Disk) which contains mechanical moving parts and is generally limited to around 200MB/s. This is due to physical parts only being able to move so fast. Of course, the speed on any technology can vary depending on age, condition and its specs. 


Nowadays it’s much more common for data to be stored on SSD’s (Solid State Drive) as they are faster, more power-efficient and physically smaller. They also contain no moving parts and so typically last longer than HDD’s. The average SSD speeds clock in around 500MB/s – significantly quicker than an HDD. 


What Does This Mean for You? 

A faster transfer rate, put simply, means your website will load quicker. Generally, the faster your storage is the faster your website will be too. All elements that are data-heavy such as photos and video take longer to transfer due to being bigger file sizes.  

In this day and age, where images and video are almost necessary for businesses online, it’s important to have fast hosting that can handle it. 


What Makes Ours Different? 

Most hosting companies have setups based on SSD technology – having multiple large SSD’s set up that can host large amounts of websites. And this will make websites much faster than standard hosting. 

However, we believe ours is even faster. This is why. 

We use something called ‘Ceph’ storage. The easiest way to explain is that it’s a cluster of storage nodes that allow for advanced network management. 

Part of this infrastructure is something we use called ‘InfiniBand’ a network link that allows us to make use of a 40 Gbit link. In English, it means we have much more leeway with data transfer as there is less bottlenecking. This means that more data can go through the same ports at the same time, resulting in a faster data transfer rate. An easy way to think of it is like comparing a pin-prick in a bucket compared to a substantial hole. One lets much more water through at a time. The same applies to our InfiniBand. 


How Would This Impact Your WordPress? 

Making use of our hosting that uses this infrastructure means essentially will result in a MUCH faster website. Look below at the results we got when we moved our website to our new Fast WordPress Hosting. 

WordPress speed improvement graph

If you compare the two averages, before and after the switch (marked by the big drop), the result was our website loading 10x faster than before. A pretty big difference, right? And we like to think our website wasn’t exactly slow before the swap either. 

Want to Find Out More? 

If you want to find out more about the difference our Fast WordPress Hosting can make, then you can read a small case study we’ve put together based on the performance difference we saw. You can find that here: 

How We Achieved 10x Faster Speeds 

A Good Read

If you want to find out more about website hosting in general, why WordPress is so popular and the importance of fast hosting – our friends over at WPCity have made a comprehensive and well-sourced article about Hosting. If you’re interested in learning more about Website Hosting, in general, it’s well worth a read. You can find that article here.


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