Are You Using the Wrong Type of Virtual Server?

Are you using the wrong type of Virtual Server?

There are two main types of Virtual Server that you can buy but many vendors aren’t clear which type they are selling. We believe you should know exactly what you’re looking into, so here’s a quick rundown of Virtual Servers.

The two main types are:

– Virtual Private Servers

– Container Based Servers


A Virtual Private Server (or VPS for short) is virtual server that has a completely separate operating system. Think of this as a “Private” installation of Windows or Linux.

A virtual server based on a Container is just a slice of an operating system, which means it’s ideal for running one task very efficiently and quickly.

It’s important to note that any one isn’t automatically better than the other. It massively depends on what exactly you are trying to do.

If you need a full operating system to run and install different pieces of software, with the best uptime then a VPS is probably the best option for you. However, if you are running a single website, on something like WordPress, and you want the very best performance then a container will give you the best results.


So, are you using the best type of Virtual Server for the job?

To help you figure this out we have created a check list which highlights the features/benefits of  VPS and Containers. Take a look at the bottom of this blog post!

Something to Keep in Mind:

Containers and Virtual Servers. Not everyone uses the same names in the same way.

A Container is a slice of a server operating system, as the OS is being shared you only get limited control. This is great for specific applications. If you need to make substantial changes then you may need to build a new VPS.

A Virtual Server is not shared. So you have full control over the operating system, in a similar way to having a hardware server.  


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