Why Is Data Centre Access Important?

Why Is Data Centre Access Important?

Access to Your Data is Of Course Very Important

Have you ever not been able to access you server when you really needed to because the data centre wasn’t open yet?

Imagine wanting to access your server to fix an issue before it impacts your customers. Now imagine you physically can’t because the Data Centre you use isn’t open yet – even at a time you’d expect them to be. It would be frustrating right?

We’ve had someone new recently move in, who before us was a customer at another Data Centre. One of the big differences they noticed with us is that our opening hours were longer than there previous by a few hours. This got us thinking if this was a big deal to more customers. It turns out it is!

You might be thinking “how much difference can a few hours make really?” and you’d be right… In normal situations. Usually someone wouldn’t need to access their servers at 8am in the morning. However if they’re needing to access it that early, they NEED to. An extra couple hours leeway could make all the difference for efficiently responding to a server blowing up* and minimising the impact on their customers.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Being able to respond to a situation at 8am means you could possibly have solved the issue before 9am. This is when most people start work and as such would find out if your services they use are down. Getting a fix before then can be critical! At the very least if a fix isn’t found before then you can say you’ve been working on it already. And that’ what it’s all about. Helping you keep customer service. We enjoy working with people and want their businesses to succeed!

If you do the rough maths it works out being open another 8 – 12% longer than a Data Centre that’s open 9am – 5pm/6pm, for example. Again this might not seem like a lot but if your server goes down in the middle of the night, you want to get in and fix it as soon as you can. With our slightly longer opening hours we’re trying to help people with that if they need to! Of course some of how larger Colocation products come with 24/7 access so you can come and go when you please. But for the smaller options, like Single Server Colo, access is only available during office hours.

We should point out that we do offer access out of hours via ’emergency call outs’ but those are susceptible to charge. But to give a fair chance so people don’t have to pay for access, is one of the reasons about our extended opening hours.

Would an extra few hours a day make a difference to you? Comment and let us know!

Got a Question?

If you have any questions about access or opening hours at our Data Centre you can get in touch here. We’re happy to help in anyway that we can so don’t be afraid to get in touch!


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