Richard Joins The HA Hosting Team

HA Hosting Welcomes Richard to the Team


Recently we’ve had a new member join the HA Hosting Team as our new Technical Team Leader. We’d like to officially introduce Richard to you all – I’m sure you’ll join us in giving him a warm welcome!

Some of you might have already had the chance to chat to Richard, as he’s been here for a little while now. He’s already been making a big impact around here, improving a lot of our current systems with his expertise!

Richard joins the team

We got Richard to write out a brief introduction to himself:


Hi, my name is Richard and I have started here over at HA Hosting as the new Technical Team Leader.

I’ve been in the IT “Game” for nearly 20 years and have come in to organise and streamline the support department and fingers crossed get you all some nice shiny new products to play with! I have a long VOIP background and this will allow us to roll out some cutting-edge SIP products.

In what little spare time, I have left I enjoy hiking and camping with the family and like us all, a few scoops down the local~!

Richard Hiking

(Richard in his element, hiking!)

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for HA Hosting with Richard onboard! We’re sure our progression will be exciting!

Of course, we’ll keep you up to date as and when anything exciting happens!


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