Single Server Colocation Hosting | Who Is It For?

Single Server Colocation Hosting | Who Is It For?


Recently we’ve discussed what Colocation Hosting is and what benefits they can bring. So we figure now is a good time to go over who would benefit from Colocation Hosting the most. In this blog we’ll be tackling Single Server Colocation – Stay tuned for Racked Colo.


Single Server Colocation Hosting Recap

Before we start, here’s a quick recap of Single Server Colo in case you’ve not read our previous blogs.

Single Server Colocation is a service where you can utilise a Data Centre’s infrastructure and hosting capabilities to host your servers. The name ‘Single Server’ comes from the option to literally host a singular server. The major benefit of doing this as opposed to self-hosting is a massive reduction in costs – setting up hosting is expensive! It’s then the Data Centre’s job to make sure your server(s) have Power, Internet, Cooling and are secure. You can also physically access your server whenever you need to – although the specifics of this depend on the Colocation provider.


Who is Single Server Colocation Hosting for?

Enough beating around the bush, here’s what you need to know.

Typically Colocation services are aimed at and used by IT Service Providers. However, that’s not to say you can’t use Colo if you aren’t an ISP. This is where Single Server Colo becomes more accessible.

As mentioned earlier, Single Server Colocation lets you host one or a small number of servers, as opposed to a rack full. From our own experience and working with other businesses who use our Colocation we’ve found that:

  • Single Server Colo is great for small IT-based businesses
  • It’s useful as it can be expanded upon as the business grows (e.g. from 1 to 2 servers)
  • Makes having your own server much more cost-effective
  • Having 3 or 4 servers under ‘Single Server Colocation’ is still cheaper than paying for a Quarter Rack


How Much Expansion Room Would This Allow?

The good news is that Single Server Colocation Hosting is easy to expand upon. Meaning you can pay to add servers to your hosting as your business needs them.

On a technical level, the amount of servers you can keep adding is the physical capacity the Data Centre has allocated to Single Server Colo. However, in terms of money and getting good value, this is not the case. Once you reach the 3/4 server mark we would recommend thinking about your future expansion. If you expect to keep growing, swapping to your own Quarter Rack would be worth considering. This would make it cheaper and give you more flexibility overall.

If you have any questions about whether you should consider multiple Single Servers or a Quarter Rack, get in touch with us here. We’re happy to answer any questions!

To find out more about our Single Server Colocation, click here.


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