Windows Cloud Hosting | What Is It?

Windows Cloud Hosting | What Is It?

Windows Cloud Hosting over the past few years has been getting more and more popular as a Hosting option. But what actually is it?


Virtual Servers

Essentially, Windows Cloud Hosting is a form of a Virtual Server (you might also know this as a Virtual Machine). Virtual Servers, as the name suggests, acts as a form of a standard server – but replaces the need to have a physical machine with virtual resources.

This is a service typically provided by Data Centres. A Data Centre will allocate you a portion of their huge amounts of physical resources that they have, which is configured to act as a server would. You’re basically getting a slice of a physical server. These act and can be used for the same purposes as a real server, except you don’t have to manage or maintain the hardware behind it.

This means you can deploy a virtual server incredibly fast and upgrade the resources it has easily too. This is one of the reasons it’s becoming increasingly popular in the IT Service Provider world.


Why Windows Cloud Hosting?

Just like a real server, a virtual server needs an OS installed on it. Due to making it easier to install a Server OS, we found splitting the service into two separate products the best solution. This left us with Linux Cloud Hosting and Windows Cloud Hosting.

Because the Virtual Server is configured for windows, it means it is easy to upload and install your Server OS. We offer a choice from a local library (including windows, centos, ubuntu etc). Alternatively, you can upload your own ISO.


What are the Benefits of Windows Cloud Hosting?

Due to its virtual nature, Windows Cloud Hosting has an array of benefits over a physical server:

  • Quick and easy to deploy a server (no need to bring a server to a Data Centre)
  • Easy to upgrade the resources you need (no need to buy parts for a physical server)
  • No need to buy expensive server hardware
  • Remove/delete servers quickly (no need to fetch a server from a Data Centre)
  • Allocate your resources however you want through easy to use client-portal
  • Extremely flexible contracts
  • Much cheaper than physical Colocation space
  • No need to maintain physical hardware (Data Centre does it for you)


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